August 14, 2023 - weekly update

Hey internet friend, welcome back to this weekly update post. I keep joking about changing the name of this to the "Fortnitely update" since I seem to only be doing updates every two weeks. It feels like months now that I've been posting every other week, but I still cannot quite commit to only posting every two weeks, despite that being what's been hapening. I keep thinking about it and not changing it. That's probably because I do plan on going back to weekly updates, but life has been really busy lately. Anyway, let's dive in but note it's gonna be short again this week and like usual, almost totally about RuneScape3 (RS3).

Part of what doomed me for posting last week was that double xp ended, and immediately we had the release of Necromancy. Myself and many other players have spent months getting ready and when it dropped, we all started grinding. Before I start writing about the new skills, let me share my progress from dxp.

List of skills from RS3
I am pleased with the progress here.

I was able to achieve many of my goals. First, I was able to get crafting, farming, thieving, and divination to 99. Not long after DXP ended I was able to also get fishing to 99. I made tremendous progress in invention as well, getting up to 85 which allows for ancient gizmo weapon (and I think also armor) upgrades, which is huge! Crafting was expensive but I was very glad to finish it, particulary as it is helpful in the new skill. Honestly, I did not expect to get four skills to 99 and then one more a day or two after finishing. Next DXP, I am confident that I will finally finsh some of the more annoying skills, like cooking, firemaking, and maybe dungeoneering? I will also add that farming wasn't on my list of stuff to do, but I started farming herb patches and got caught up in trying to get enough favor from Crux Eqal to be able to plant 10 seeds at a time, but I didn't see that you had to be like level 110 to do that. Oh well!

I will say that I was pleased with this dxp and really excited to dive into the new skill. So far, I've been enjoying the combat and I am not surprised that it is as grindy as it is. You have to spend time doing these rituals and honestly it still feels a little bit like a long beta. Jagex (the company that makes RS3) seems to be intending that each ritual will be instanced to the player so they can see when the ghosts and moths pop up, but it isn't working quite yet.

There is likely more that I could write about this new skill, but I am going to keep using it and give more thoughts later. What I will share is that it is pretty fun, and much less buggy than I expected. Was I surprised someone made it to 99 in just over 24 hours? Not really - some people are really into the game. I was a little surprised that someone hit 200 million XP in a week, if I am being totally honest. That feels like a lot.

That's about it for this week, internet friend. Thanks for checking this out. I hope you have a very nice day and a great week. Cheers, internet friend!

Two dogs sleeping
Here are my office dogs, hard at work. Yes, this is the same picture from the last few posts - sorry!

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