August 21, 2023 - weekly update

Hey internet friend, welcome back to this weekly update post. After months of posting every two weeks, I've got it together and I am posting a weekly update! I cannot say for sure if I will keep up this energy, but for now I've got it. There is also a new dog picture, so there are treats for everyone! It feels like one thing hasn't changed though - half of this post will be about RuneScape 3 (RS3), so if that isn't your jam you can just check out the dog picture. Either way, let's dive in!

I will start by letting everyone know that my immediate family is safe. We had tropical storm Hillary roll through over the weekend and we managed to avoid too much trouble. One of our trees lost some branches, and we had to fill up some sandbags to prevent a flood in the garage, but otherwise we had no issues. Some of the roads nearby were not so lucky, but hopefully they will get fixed soon. We mostly kept power and there was only light flickering of the internet. What I will tell you, internet friend, is that these two desert dogs we have were not happy! They didn't get evening walkies and worse, they were scared to go outside at all in the evening. Things could have been worse, and I am grateful that everything turned out alright.

Outside that excitement, I've been spending most of my time in RS3 training necromancy. It's a fun skill and the combat is enjoyable. Once I get it a bit more dialed in, it feels like you can use it to heal yourself and avoid using food, if you can get a good rotation going. It rewards grinding, and I spent a fair amount of time gathering souls (I have close to ten thousand now), and thus have access to all but the top tier of the ability tree. I am waiting until I unlock the powerful communion spell before grinding any more at the rituals. This is also because I want to give Jagex more time to fix some of the issues that are not all the way sorted with rituals yet. They are getting better, but it feels like another week or two of updates will get it even better. To be fair, I've not tried them since this weekly update, but as I mentioned above there isn't really much reason for me to do them until I get into the 90s. I'm just about to hit 85 now.

I understand that things start going faster in the 90s, which I've been looking forward to because again, as mentioned, it feels very grindy. This is somewhat expected given how grindy the rest of the game is. But I have spent way more time in my player owned slayer dungeon (POSD) than I ever anticipated. It eliminates the issue of fighting for spawn, but it doesn't feel very fun. I am thinking about going to the new t70 necromancy boss, but as of now I am getting like five minute kills and that doesn't feel very efficient. Hopefully that time in the POSD will translate to faster takedown times. Will report back on this next week (hopefully).

Otherwise that is about all there is to report this week, internet friend. I appreciate you reading so far. I hope you enjoyed, have a nice day, and a most excellent week. Cheers!

A dog laying down with tongue out, in front of books.
Feeling motivated, so here is a new picture!

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