July 31, 2023 - weekly update

Hey internet friend, welcome back to this weekly update post. I keep joking about changing the name of this to the "Fortnitely update" since I seem to only be doing updates every two weeks, and then this time I go three weeks before an update. It feels like months now that I've been posting every other week, but IDK. I keep thinking about it and not changing it. Anyway, let's dive in but note it's gonna be short again this week and like usual, mostly about RuneScape3 (RS3).

I am still thinking about Hyperreality and I started reading Simulacra and Simulation by the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. As I've mentioned, my intention is to write a longer blog post about it, and I want to really dive deep. However, the book is really annoying and I am not sure that I will actually write something like that. I guess check back later to see what I decide to do.

Otherwise, it's just been a bunch of grinding in RS3. Double XP weekend started last Friday and I put in way more hours than I planned this weekend. I've already managed to get 99 in Divination (one of the most annoying skills in the game) and Thieving. I would love to get Farming and Crafting to 99, and I think it might be possible. Crafting is more expensive and time consuming than anything else. I have at least ten million that I can sink in, and probably will because I really want to have it done. I took a screenshot close to the start of DXP to be able to show my progress at the end. I made the mistake of raising my Herblore up one level before remembering to take a screenshot, and you will be able to see next week that the skill is flashing and the little herb icon isn't there. My goal was to get that skill (Herblore) up to 110 but yesterday I got it up to 111. I still have a few thousand protean shakes and I am deciding whether to use them now or save them. Jury is still out on that. I've got a million bonus XP still, but it isn't enough to take me clear to the next level, so more than likely I will just wait until the next one. Jagex only suggested that we need 107 herblore for Necromancy, and I've got like 250 elder overload salve potions in the bank, which I think is equal to something like a hundred hours of in-game buffs. Hopefully it'll be enough!

I think I am pretty close to being ready for Necromancy. I have trained all the skills to the levels suggested and completed all the quests that were advised. Everyone is really excited about it, and I am part of that group! Really looking forward to giving it a go once it comes out. I am not going to race to 99 or 120 like some people, but I do plan on focusing on it and raising it as much and as quickly as possible. I even shelled out the big bucks for Subjugation armor so I will be ready to upgrade it, and it was NOT cheap!

Anyway, that's all for this week. Check back next week and see if I make an update, or if it'll continue to be every two weeks. Cheers, internet friend!

Two dogs sleeping
Here are my office dogs, hard at work. Yes, this is the same picture from the last few posts - sorry!

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