June 26, 2023 - weekly update

Hey internet friend, welcome back to this weekly update post. Last time I joked about changing the name of this to the "Fortnitely update" since I seem to only be doing updates every two weeks. Seeing the opportunity to slack off, I decided to just not post last week. I've not decided if I want to only do updates every other week, it has just so happened to be the case for the last maybe month and a half? IDK. Anyway, let's dive in but note it's gonna be way short this week.

Recently I've been thinking about Hyperreality, as I shared in the last post. Still struggling with the idea of having an experience in a game that is more real than something I could experience in "real life," but I am going to write more about that later. I've also started slowly making music again. Slowly being the key phrase.

Otherwise not too much to report. Check back next week for more stuff, if you like. If not, that's cool too. Either way I hope you have a nice day and a great week. Cheers, internet friend!

Two dogs sleeping
Here are my office dogs, hard at work. Yes, this is the same picture from last time - sorry!

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