October 10, 2023 - weekly update

Hey internet friend, it has been a little more than a month since my last post, and I wanted to briefly explain why. In short, we sold our house in Desert Hot Springs and bought a place in La Quinta. These deals were complicated and took about two and a half months to finally close. Then we had to move (we only had twenty-five hours to get everything out of our old place and move it 45 minutes across the valley) and then we had tons of boxes to empty, flatten, and remove.

So when it came to writing weekly update posts, it didn't really fall high enough on the priority list to make it. But now that things have calmed down (we got into the new place a few weeks ago), I can finally breath and post this update.

I've still managed to find the time to play RS3, and I now have only five skills left to get to 99 and that sweet, sweet max cape. Archaeology was the last to fall, and I spent a fortune upgrading to the Mattock of Space and Time, which has been augmented and I am using to gain invention. That (invention) is one of the final five, which also include dungeoneering, construction, attack, and strength. I figured that I could do melee in dungeons and work on three at once. This'll be really nice during the next DXP event. I've got enough construction materials stacks to get to 99 when DXP hits, but probably not without that boost.

Otherwise there isn't too much to report, outside the big move. There might be some career things brewing, so if you've ever thought about hiring me, now would be a great time to reach out! But outside that, I don't have anything else to report. Since it's been so long, I had to include a picture of the dogs. I hope you like it, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a most excellent day. Cheers, internet friend!

Two dogs sleeping face to face
Sleeping in the nice office

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