January 16, 2023

Hey internet friend. As always I want to start by writing that Black Lives Matter! As usual if you want to skip to the dog picture, click here. This update is mostly going to be about RuneScape 3 (or RS3), so if you want to skip this week I can totally appreciate that and I understand. First I gotta write about something stupid that I just did!

Without paying too close attention, I managed to copy, paste, and save over my post from 1/2/2023. Of course it wasn't saved by the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) so I had to try and figure out or remember what I wrote. It was probably something about resolutions so I updated it and tried to include what I thought I wrote. What a mistake!

Anyway, I had the day off today and I spent it playing RuneScape 3 and hanging out with the kid. I spent way too much money on a bow over the weekend and rather than using it to fight monsters to make some of my money back, I've been mining and smithing. It probably wouldn't be wrong to say I've been sulking about spending such an absurd amount of money, but the bow above this one cost over 300 million gold. Anyway, I am just now finishing up one last item that will give me enough respect to upgrade my Dwarven auto cannon and I will be done smithing for a while. But basically I spent my weekend grinding to raise my mining and smithing into the 90s. As of this writing I am at 92 mining and smithing. I essentially spent my whole weekend just grinding. There was a little fun on Saturday night doing some boss fights but mostly it has been sweating it out with ore and bars.

Not much else to report otherwise. Looking forward to the upcoming double XP weekend on RuneScape 3. Have been saving up all kinds of stuff to use and I am looking forward to having a chance to use it. Hopefully it will happen some time in February.

Anyway, that's all I have for this week. Thanks for reading internet friend! No one reached out and said they wanted to have RS3 specific updates, so I am going to keep them in these weekly Monday updates. Now enjoy this picture of Bark Twain with his head hanging off his brothers bed!

Dog lying on a dog bed with head hanging off the edge
Bruisey says, "sweater weather is better weather!" Just kidding - he hates the cold.

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