Contact the sauce

Howdy internet friend! If you are interested in contacting the dude who runs this site, probably the best way is to reach out via Mastodon. You can also try me over on TikTok, which is a platform where I spend waaaaaayyyy too much time!

I also "maintain" a blog over at but the last update I posted there was September 15, 2021. Truth to tell - I was planning on using this website as practice for a redesign that is coming over on, but I am leaning towards just updating that page with a new Hugo theme. Or just making it a giant re-director here. Even though it's been a year and a half (as of this writing), I still haven't decided what to do yet.

Regardless of what happens with that other page, if you want to send me an email, you can drop me a line as well. I guess I also have an account over on LinkedIn, so you can go add me there if you like. However you'd prefer to get in contact, that's how you'd do it!